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Bio Sculpture Nails
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Bio Sculpture Nails

The healthier alternative in nail care, preferred worldwide. A product that can be applied over natural nails, or artificial tips that doesn’t chip or wear away at the free edge. All this with a shiny, flexible, hard protection that gives a neat well groomed appearance.

Bio Sculpture gel is self levelling which eliminates excessive buffing and does not require the use of primers, bonders or sealers. The gel cures under a UVA lamp in minutes. Bio Sculpture gel has a 5-star safety rating, as it is tested to the highest standards.


Full set of sculptured tips
French, natural or colour gel finish. (Non chip or fade) - £45.00
Gel overlays - hands or feet
Your own nail supported and strengthened by a gel coating. Finished in french, natural or colour. (Non chip or fade) - £32.00

Maintenance and infill - hands or feet - £28.00
Gel Overlays on feet & mini pedicure - £48.00

Gel overlays on hands & mini manicure - £48.00
Repairs per nail/sculptured nails - £6.50
Repairs per nail/gel overlays - £6.00

Gel removal per Nail - £5.50
Soak off per set & re-application of gel overlays - £45.00

Soak off & nail and cuticle tidy - £27.00

Crystal Application (per nail) - 50p

Unfortunately we are unable to remove gels applied by other salons.

Backscratcher Nail Applications 

Backscratchers is a patented system that combines the best of resin technology with the best of acrylic dipping powder giving you strong natural looking nails. This unique system gives you beautiful looking nails with or without polish and without damaging your own nail surface.

Full set acrylic - £43.00
Individual nails - £6.50 
Infills - £28.00
Infills with polish - £30.00
Removal of nail tips and aftercare nail tidy - £27.00

Unfortunately we are unable to remove acrylic nails applied by other salons.


Shellac application - £27.00
Shellac removal & application - £31.00
Shellac removal & nail & cuticle tidy - £25.50
Shellac removal only - £10.00
Shellac repair per nail - £5.50
Shellac add on to Manicure or Pedicure to replace normal polish - £10.00

Unfortunately we are unable to remove Shellac applied by other salons.

Love Attention? Love Minx!

Minx is a solid film with an adhesive back that is heat activated. The heat gives Minx the conformability to fit over the compound curves of nails and seals it onto the nail bed. Minx can be applied on your natural nail, acrylics, gels and silk wraps. Minx requires no drying time, when your Minx are finished you are free to leave immediately because Minx is a dry coating there is no smudging.

Full set of Minx on hands or feet - £26.00
1 Mink on each hand or foot - £8.00
1 Minx on each hand or foot with other nails polished - £19.00
Full set of Minx & Mini Pedicure or Mini Manicure - £47.00
Minx removal - £9.00

Spa Manicure - £31

This luxury manicure includes a nail and cuticle tidy but is made extra special with exfoliating crystals which leave your hands super clean and so soft. The effect is heightened by the warmth of heated mitts. A gentle hand massage relaxes and moisturises your skin and is finished with the application of your favourite coloured polish.

Add Shellac to Spa Manicure to replace normal polish - £10.00

Mini Manicure Nail and Cuticle Tidy hand massage and nail strengthener - £22.00
Mini Manicure with polish - £26.00
File and Polish - £16.00
Paraffin Wax Manicure - £9.00 extra.
Add this luxurious treatment to any manicure or pedicure - a real treat! Helps soften dry hands and cuticles. Good for roughness and cracked skin, helps relieve arthritis and poor circulation and leaves skin silky smooth.

Spa pedicure - £31

This lovely treatment creates healthy and beautiful looking feet. After trimming nails and cuticles our therapists apply products laden with natural extracts from the ocean, to smooth and exfoliate. The warmth of the heated booties heighten the effect of the marine foot mask, which leaves your feet feeling light and floaty long after you leave the salon. The finishing effect is the application of your favourite polish.
Pedicure without polish (45 mins) - £27.00
Add Shellac to this spa pedicure to replace normal polish - £10.00 
Looking for a healthier alternative to nail extensions? 
Bio sculpture nails could be the option for you. 
Speak to one of the experts at Mark Jeffs Hair and Beauty Studios
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