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Body Massage

Aromatherapy oils have been used for a healing effect since ancient Egyptian times and along with the hands on approach of our experienced therapists this makes our massages a blissfully relaxing experience. G5 massage is wonderful for the thighs and bottom and helps to reduce cellulite. Massage increases blood flow and helps toxins drain away to the lymphatic system resulting in smoother, fresher skin.


Back Massage using aromatherapy oils for total relaxation. 
30mins - £25.00
45mins - £31.00
Particularly beneficial to relieve stress and tension in neck, shoulders and for headache sufferers

Back Massage incorporating audio sonic 
30mins - £26.00
45mins - £32.00
Audio sonic sends vibrations deeper into the muscles helping alleviate tension

Super Deluxe Back Massage (1 hour) - £45.00
A facial for the back! This decongesting treatment improves the skin texture with a steam, exfoliant and a mask. An aromatherapy back massage is the finishing touch

The Unwinder - £33.00
One of our most popular treatments, 45 minutes of relaxing massage on the back, face and feet, (or hands or scalp), using a special blend of aromatherapy oils

The Unwinder including face mask (1 hour) - £38.00
Massage on the back, face, feet, (or hands or scalp). Then enjoy a soothing mask at the end of this relaxing treatment

Full Body and Facial Massage (1 hour 30 mins) - £49.00 
To relax and revitalise the whole body and face, and feel totally pampered

Body Massage (1 hour) - £38.00
To relax and tone the muscles and release tension. Massage increases circulation and strengthens the immune system improving vitality in the whole body

G5 Treatment (30 mins) - £25.00
Especially good for spot reduction on thighs, hips, and bottom, also good for relieving aching joints and can help break down cellulite. 
Course of five treatments - £112.50

Fake Bake 

Fake Bake* has an impressive A-list celebrity following Jemima Khan, Daisy Lowe, Myleene Klass, Denise Van Outen to name but a few.
Fake Bake is available in the following colours: Original, gold, darker or 60 minute tan (which develops in 60 minutes).

Fake Bake Gold blends the best quality and highest percentage of naturally derived tanning agents with two of the most powerful anti-oxidants - pomegranate and stable green tea as well as vitamins A and E. These counter the highly reactive free radicals in the environment which are known to weaken the protective immune system and result in thinning skin, a loss of elasticity, age spots and wrinkles.

Fake Bake Gold gives you a fully developed tan in 6-8 hours.

Fake Bake has countless accolades to its name
'Rolls Royce in self tanning' - GMTV
'Salon Tan of the Year' - Harper's Bazaar
'The Gold Prize' - Tanning awards Pure Beauty Magazine 

*Full body and face spray tan - £25.00
*Half body spray tan - £20.00 
*60 Minute Tan (develops in 60 mins) - £25.00

*Patch test required 24 hours prior to first treatment
Do you have a special event and need a golden tan? 
Contact Mark Jeffs Hair and Beauty Studios today 
for a celebrity 'Fake Bake' tan
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fake bake
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