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Hair Removal

hair removal



If you are unable to have IPL or prefer traditional methods of hair removal our highly trained and experienced therapists offer a full range of waxing services.
We have 2 wax systems, traditional Crème wax and Australian Bodycare Hy-Wax.
With the Autrailian Bodycare Hy-Wax System, each client has their own teatree wax heated in a disposable foil insert. Please specify if you want the Hy-Wax System when booking.

Facial Waxing

Full leg and Standard bikini - £34.00
Full leg and Brazilian - £41.00
Full leg and Playboy - £45.00
Full leg and Hollywood - £48.00
Half leg (ankle to knee) - £19.00
Half leg (knee to top of thigh) - £24.00
3/4 leg - £24.00
Half arm - £15.00
Full arm - £23.00
Underarm - £11.00
Standard bikini - £13.00
Extended bikini - £16.00
Brazilian (only available with Hy-wax system) - £21.50
Playboy (only available with Hy-wax system) - £25.50
Hollywood (only available with Hy-wax system) - £28.50
Buttocks - £12.00

What is a Brazilian?
A Brazilian wax is a thin strip all the way down

What is a Playboy?
A Playboy wax is everything taken from underneath and a small line or triangle left at the top

What is a Hollywood?
A Hollywood wax is everything removed

Facial Waxing

Lip - £8.50
Chin - £9.00 
Lip & Chin - £12.50
Eyebrows - £10.50

Men's Waxing 

(Please specify if you want Hy-Wax System when booking)

Back - £24.00
Chest - £20.00 


Lip - £8.50
Chin - £9.00 
Lip & Chin - £12.50 


Our experienced therapists also offer electrolysis. We always use pre-packed sterilised needles to individually treat each hair and cauterize the root of the hair. This slows down and weakens growth until eventually the hair is permanently removed. Treatment is only effective on growing hairs as these are still attached to the follicle, so a course of treatment is necessary. The number of treatments required varies for each individual client.
Free consultation.

Up to 15 minutes Electrolysis - £13.00
16 to 30 minutes Electrolysis - £21.00
31 to 45 mins Electrolysis - £28.00
46 minutes to 1 hour Electrolysis - £34.00

Permanent reduction of unwanted hair

Clinically proven long term removal of body and facial hair. The 2nd Generation Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) system is the country’s market leading system. The Ellipse is exclusively available in Lincoln at Mark Jeffs Hair and Beauty Studios.

Ellipse uses short bursts of safe, visible light, emitted from a flash-lamp to remove unwanted hair from facial and body sites, safely and effectively. Hair contains melanin (coloured pigment) that absorbs the light and converts it into heat (the more colour in the hair, the more effective the treatment). The hair transmits this heat into the hair follicle, which is then destroyed and unable to produce a new hair. Treatment is only effective on growing hairs, as these are still attached to the follicle, so a course is recommended to catch all the hairs at a growth stage.

The unique, patented ‘Dual Mode Filtering’ Ellipse system, carefully filters this light in two ways, to ensure that only the light with the correct wavelengths is allowed to reach your skin, making it safer and more comfortable. Clients tell us they prefer the Ellipse IPL because of its long lasting results, safety and convenience.

A full consultation will be conducted and we will make sure you are suitable before treatment begins. The Beauty Therapists at the salon are all experienced therapists and have received specialist training and are certified to carry out the Ellipse hair removal treatment. A free consultation and patch test are available and all your questions can be answered by the friendly, approachable staff. Telephone to book a free consultation on (01522) 522100. Further details: www.ellipse.org.

Price list 

                                                                       Single                   Course of 
6 for price of 5

Upper Lip                                                       £54.00                   £270.00
Chin                                                                 £65.00                   £325.00
Upper Lip & Chin                                         £80.00                   £400.00
Centre Brow                                                   £54.00                   £270.00
Cheeks                                                            £92.00                   £460.00
Neck Front                                                      £80.00                   £400.00
Underarms                                                    £80.00                   £400.00
Chest (except breasts) - from                      £70.00                   £350.00
Abdomen- from                                            £80.00                   £400.00
Stomach Centre Line                                     £80.00                   £400.00
Lower Back                                                    £130.00                 £650.00
Full Back                                                          £270.00                  £1350.00
Upper Arms                                                   £92.00                   £460.00
Forearms                                                        £92.00                    £460.00
Full Arms                                                        £160.00                 £800.00
Bikini                                                                £80.00                   £400.00
Extended Bikini                                            £108.00                 £540.00
Bikini & Underarm                                         £150.00                  £750.00
Thighs                                                             £178.00                  £890.00
Thighs including Knees                                 £205.00                  £1025.00
Lower Legs inc. Knees                                £160.00                  £800.00
Full Legs                                                          £310.00                  £1550.00
Hands or Feet                                               £120.00                  £600.00
Men's Face/Beard                                          £160.00                  £800.00
Men's Face/Beard & Neck                         £195.00                  £975.00
Men's Full Front                                             £310.00                  £1550.00
Men's Full Back                                            £310.00                   £1550.00
Men's Full Legs                                               £330.00                   £1650.00
IPL Courses must be paid for in full at the beginning of the treatment to qualify for the discount. 24 hours notice of cancellation required. Failure to give 24 hours notice of cancellation for IPL incurs a £25.00 surcharge.
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